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A personal injury attorney wants to discuss your Newport Beach, CA accident claims

This town holds special significance to Ehline Law Firm. Our founder lived in Newport Beach right off 24th Street, as a young man, and he has a special place in his heart for this charming beach community. In fact, attorney Michael Ehline, president of Ehline Law Firm PC, still surfs the fast waves of this alluring timeless community to this very day. Although Newport and Lido Village has long been known as a town of "old money", and the well to do, there are also a lot of youngsters and dare devils who frequent this glorious magnet for people of all types and lifestyles. Particularly on the weekends, and holidays, the city becomes even more dense than usual.

There are many bars and eateries where alcohol freely flows. There are potholes, poorly marked construction zones, loose dogs that bite, cars that lose control and crash, burns and scalds and other work related mishaps, as well as other hazards presented for both rich and poor alike.The bottom line, if you are hurt here, due to the negligence of a business, the city, or wayfarer just passing through, consulting locals like the Newport Beach personal injury attorneys at our firm is always a plus.

We will give you an honest assessment of your potential case. We are the first to agree that money can never totally repair the damaged heart or soul of an afflicted individual. But when balancing the potential life altering factors of a bad calamity, we also understand that often times, a recent accident casualty is not always thinking clearly.

We know that you will still have bills, need pain medicine, may need to attend frequent hospital visits, and need someone in your corner who can get you on some sort of equal footing again. We try and bring order from the chaos and calamity of these day to day, devastating events occurring in this fair city.

Retaining Excellent Personal Injury Lawyers Is Crucial

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Employing Newport Beach accident attorneys may just be one of the most critical and decisive factors you ever have to deal with in your entire life. Finding the best injury lawyers you can possibly hire should be of primary concern to you or your loved ones who are relying upon you to bring home the bacon.

You had better believe that insurance adjustors are looking at the track record of your newly retained attorneys, and so should you. Getting a lurch, or lazy attorney will most certainly mean doom for your case. Getting a lawyer who is not even familiar with the areas' judges, courts, or insurance adjustors can also significantly effect your chances at a fair settlement, which could force a long and arduous trial without the proper evidence and case work up. It is crucial to speak to Ehline Law Firm before you speak to anyone else about your potential lawsuit. We can help obviate the potential train wreck that goes along with making a bad decision.

Urgency is Of Utmost Importance

Consult legal counsel must be done as soon as practicable after a serious mishap. There are crucial timing factors, that if unmet, can bar you from suing for your serious ailments and harm. For example, did you know you only have six months to sue a government defendant from the date of your calamity? Also, did you know that the State of California has a different statute of limitations for both personal injury and property damage?
That is a lot to know. If an investigation is not done right away, you could potentially miss out on suing a potential state actor. This could allow the remaining defendants to point their finger at the empty defendant's chair, and you could be left with nothing, or a significantly reduced award.

But How Can I Pay for My Attorney and All These Other Costs? I am Broke

This is a question we hear all the time from leery potential new clients. But we have the answer most unrepresented individuals want to hear. We comprehend that dealing with the drama, trauma and stress from an uninvited catastrophe is already too much for most poor souls. But never fear, we are a cut above. We make it happen for you with our no recovery no fee promise.

In addition to our no win no attorney's fee policy, we pay as a case advancement, all reasonable and necessary litigation expenses up front, such as deposition fees, costs to file the lawsuit, process servers, mediation expenses, and even medical and other experts. So we are willing to get paid later, after a successful outcome. This is one of the reasons we only take on cases that we feel have legal merit. Beyond that, we go out of our way to serve you.

We are available for home or hospital visits, or we can even send transportation to you so you can come to our offices on our dime, whilst you are convalescing and unable to travel under your own power. We have thought of everything, leaving no courtesy disregarded in our pursuit of your confidence in us.

What Steps Must I Take To Hire Ehline Law Firm?

Contacting our Newport Beach accident attorneys is the fist step in letting us act as your legal sword and shield of justice. We will make you feel secure, and leave no stone unturned in our mission to give you an honest opinion, and all the other documentation and other information that you seek. Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, has served the Newport Beach and Orange County community, first as a U.S. Marine, now as a passionate, responsible and ethical lawyer for many years. Our firm is the holder of the Coveted Circle of Legal Trust Whitelist award, has multiple Super Lawyers Rising Star Awards, has been involved in the local Newport Beach commercial transportation industry, and is known by friend and foe alike, as an ethical, eager and tenacious legal warrior.

So in addition to having the highest client and peer ratings, we are also a cut above the rest. Going the extra mile is who we are both inside and outside of the courthouse. If you lost a wage earner, or were knocked out of the work force due to your injury, bills are piling up fast. The legal representation for personal injuries we provide, operates to put you back in the drivers' seat both literally and figuratively.

Even a cursory examination of our enduring character and enormous victories achieved for wounded clients, shows that we deserve your business. To find out additional information from a true legal sage, contact us at 888-400-9721. Get a no hassle, no charge legal consultation right over the phone, and avoid traffic and delays. Put our proven record of success to work for you now.

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